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A little more organized

June 18th, 2010 at 11:16 pm

I am so tired of the house being a complete and utter mess all the time. I hate washing dishes, the floors are dirty all the time, the trash, ugh. I don't know that there is anything I really clean well. I hate when people come over. I feel like they are judging me, and that I deserve their scorn. Even people who have bad houses themselves Smile

I remember ages and ages ago I had read some cleaning book my mom had. The acronym was S.H.E., and it involved setting up your cleaning system so that each task you had to do went on 3x5 cards, you assigned them to do Daily, Every other Day, weekly, every two weeks, every month and every 3 months. You can throw every year in as well. Then you have little file cards so you can just move the cards to the next day you have to do it, so that day you look at the cards and that is all you have to do.

I didn't have file card box and I didn't have any dividers, but I had a buttload of envelopes I had incorrectly printed on for my sister's wedding. I cut two pieces off each envelope that the 3x5 cards can fit in, and numbered them 1-31 and Jan - Dec. I put them in an accordian like pocket pouch I had been using for coupons, but not anymore.

I use sticky notes as my memory at work, and when I was fixing up my house to sell I put sheets of newspaper up and defined each task on a sticky note so we could tear that down as each thing got done, so I figured this may do the trick. The newspaper/sticky note thing really helped organize the 5-6 people I would have in my house helping me (and not always the same people) so they could just pick something off the wall they wanted to do.

As I said, my house was a sty. So, I figured I could make up all my 3x5 cards, put them in the system I wanted them, and even if I have to wait 2 weeks to get to something, it's been longer than a few months since that task was done, so it can wait another 2 weeks. That way I don't overload myself and start to hate it.

My everyday tasks are washing dishes, including putting them away, and cleaning everything off the table (don't leave clutter. Since it is just DH and I and the table is big enough for 8, I tend to leave stuff on there). My every other day tasks are sweep, work out (today) and take out trash, water garden, and put clothes away (I keep them going through the washer and dryer just fine, but I hardly ever fold them or put them away, so that is my task) tomorrow.

My every two week task for today was cleaning the countertop by the stove (it gets used as a catch all). It took like 10 minutes? I don't know why I don't just keep it clean. Maybe this will prompt me in that direction.

My weekly task for tomorrow is wash bathroom countertop and sink. My every 2 week task for tomorrow is clean bathtub, toilet and wash mirror.

I also have some big things I want to do, like finish making the computer desk (another 4 foot piece to put the printer on), move the 4 drawer filing cabinet and set up the computer desk, so I put that on Saturday as well.

Other big things involve making and hanging curtains in multiple rooms, cutting some carpet remnants for the front room, putting some electronics away, cleaning out the office (there is just a big pile of random stuff behind me right now), set up the back porch, install a new back door, etc, but those aren't assigned to days.

I already have a few more cards to add, but I am out of 3x5 cards. I need to clean out my pickup every couple of weeks to a month, and plan my menus and grocery shop for the week.

Of course, now that I am trying to get on a schedule, I am going to be gone for the last week of June for a training class, so hopefully I won't fall off the wagon.

9 Responses to “A little more organized”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    Sounds like you have a plan. Even if you get off your schedule cuz' your away, just restart. Good Luck!

  2. Suzanne Says:

    An updated version of this system is at flylady.net. It's free.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds like a great plan. Although most people don't view my house as a mess, I've noticed I've become more lazy with housework. I like to procrastinate and seem to forget how little time some of those cleaning tasks take!! Good luck.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like a good plan!

  5. Just a thought Says:

    I second the reference to flylady.net. It works for me!

  6. ceejay74 Says:

    I'd be in the same boat if my partners weren't both so much better than me at cleaning! I help out when they give me direction, and once in a while I do something unprompted, but it doesn't come naturally to me at all. Good luck with the system!

  7. Homebody Says:

    I actually purchased all the supplies to set up my SHE box and have not done it...! I got sidetracked! haha

  8. whitestripe Says:

    you sound like me Big Grin I am glad you found a system that works, I might just give it a try.
    I have bouts where I do a day of maniacal cleaning, and then sometimes weeks where I do nothing at all (other than the dishes and washing). Sometimes it's daunting. thanks for the idea!

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