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Hot Pockets - Homemade

Bread Dough:

5 cups warm water
7 tsp yeast
1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp salt
1 cup Lard
4 cups flour
10 cups flour

Dissolve yeast in water-proof for 5 minutes
Add remaining water, sugar, salt and lard
Add 4 cups flour, stir and stand for 45 minutes
Add rest of flour by hand, kneading until it feels moist but not sticky to the touch.
Grease large(very large) bowl, add dough and cover
Let rise for 1 hour
Punch down
Let rise for 1 hour
Punch down, divide into 6 loaves and let rise until double.
Proceed with your desired recipe(either freeze individual loaves or make pocket sandwiches!)

This makes 6 loaves of excellent bread. If you don’t need all 6 right away, simply freeze the extra dough before baking. Form each loaf and freeze separately so they do not stick. Then thaw a loaf of formed bread, right in the pan, until it rises as usual and then bake.

The sandwiches are easy. Divide the bread into 6 – 8 balls. Make a circle about 6 inches around, on a lightly floured surface(I use my vintage Tupperware mat)

Next, place about 1/4 cup of filling onto the circle, slightly off-center. Remember that you need a clean edge to press the two sides together to seal. Use less filling than you would think you need, and for pizza fillings, leave out the sauce and offer it warmed as a side. It always leaks unless you use tomato paste.

Fold over and press the edges with your fingers. Then press out any extra air and reseal. Finally, use a fork and press the edges to ensure that no filling can escape.

Brush with a beaten egg, poke a few fork holes in the top for steam to escape and bake. I bake for about 15 minutes, at 350 degrees, or until golden brown. Yum!

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