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Chicken fried steak and potatoes

Chicken fried steak and potatoes

Beef minute steak
3 eggs
cajun seasoning
olive oil

Wash potatoes and cut up into pot. Cover with water. Boil until they are tender. Drain, then mash. I use a pastry cutter. Add a tablespoon of butter, then some milk, and continue mashing. I don't measure, but if you put too much in it will be soupy, so pour slowly! You can always add more, but you can't take it back out.

Thaw steak. Crack eggs onto one plate, and beat. Mix flour and cajun seasoning together. Dip steak into eggs, dredge with flour mix, dip into eggs again, and dredge again.

Heat up oil in skillet, on medium. Check the heat by sprinkling water in the oil. If it pops, it is ready. If it explodes, it is too hot. Cook the steak around 10 min on one side and 10 min on the other.

When done, pour off most of the oil, but leave the crinklies. Turn to low. In a coffee cup, fill half way with milk, then add a tablespoon of flour. Mix well to get rid of the clumps, then pour into the oil. Continuously stir until it thickens up. You might need to add some more milk, maybe some more flour, but just keep stirring. Get it to the right consistency for you and you are done.