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August 28th, 2008 at 03:01 am

A good result of that terrible co-worker incident I blogged about a while ago was that my supervisor's boss got pissed off and told me to find a training class anywhere in the country and get my butt to it. That was 2 weeks ago tomorrow and I started the class in Chicago on Monday! It is a good class. I am learning Java (YEAH) which is awesome. I've never done any object oriented programming before, and I've tried to teach myself from books a few times and I just didn't get it. Now I'm getting it!

So, the company is paying for airfare, hotel, rental car, food, and I think mileage. Here is the mileage policy:
Mileage to and from the airport will not be reimbursed unless it is above the normal mileage an employee travels to work.

I looked on Google maps for the travel distance between our north house and work and our north house and the airport. It is 165 miles to work and 168 miles to the airport. I am going to submit 336 miles (roundtrip) and see if they pay it. I think that is what the policy says...what do you think? 336 miles? Or 6 (the difference between the two roundtrip)?

Good news is, if that is paid for, I just got a free week! I've only been spending money on gas and food recently, so if they pay for those things, this will help get me back on track.

Ok, as for the house. They did the inspection and found a few things that needed fixed...asked me to fix the 220 outlet behind the stove (I have a gas stove in there now) and a few plumbing things. Electrician came over and checked the outlet...and it already works (?). So, he is going to send something about that fact and I get to pay him $60 for it Frown I had a cousin of my dad's come over and look at the plumbing (he is a licensed plumber in the area) and he kinda laughed about the things they were asking for, but said that other things that weren't up to code would have cost more to fix than what they asked for, so we just agreed to do it. He said it would cost $250 to do it (I think he was going to just charge me parts...what a great guy!) But, we had it lined up for him to go over last Saturday and do it, and my RE agent called Friday and said the buyer doesn't want the stuff fixed...they think that they can get their family to do it and save all of us money. Awesome!

Bad part is that the house has termites. I think that all houses in Kansas either has had termites or will get termites. You just have to treat it and go on. So, that is going to be around $500. We budgeted $200 in our estimate of repairs, so we'll be getting a little less than we thought, but still, I am so ready to sell this house!

I have to get serious about packing stuff up and ready to move. I think DH and his mom are coming down the weekend after Labor Day to help, so I need to go through a lot of the stuff to see if I need it and if it will fit in the north house. We are closing Sept 11.

Mom and Dad sold some of my cows last week because they were getting out and a brand new 5' barbed wire fence couldn't hold them. We don't need those kind of cows around. But, the sale barn misspelled my new last name. I am going to have to call them tomorrow and see if they can cut new checks and make it out to DH so he can go pick them up and deposit them...we have a big co-op bill this month (ok, who am I kidding. We have a normal co-op bill this month, but it is a lot of money) and if we don't pay off last month's bill before the end of the month they charge 18% interest! So, like a really really bad credit card. This was unexpected income, so it will go to the co-op bill and if there is any left over, pay off some of the line of credit.

I can't wait for this house to sell. That will free up about $1000 a month!

2 Responses to “Training class/house sale/misc”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Whew! I think all houses in Missouri have termites too!
    Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. baselle Says:

    I'd submit the receipts for the miles. The worst that would happen to you is that they wouldn't accept it. And at least the accounting department would be relieved and happy that you've kept track of everything and they would see all your receipts.

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