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Saving money on my wedding (my contribution to someone else's blog)

October 27th, 2007 at 02:29 am

-- you might have read all my ideas already, but I wanted to record it here in MY blog instead of just in someone else's

All of my bridesmaids are wearing a different cut of dress (same color, though) and we found 3 of them on sale. I ordered my dress on is hand made and will cost $300 less than at David's Bridal, but is the same style (check out the ebay buyer comments before trying this!). I might sell my dress after the ceremony, too. Why keep it and store it? It will be out of fashion when my future kids are getting married.

Go with sheet cakes for the bulk of the guests to eat. I'm going to have a small fancy-decorated one for the official cutting, but it will be taken to the back room to cut for the guests so they won't know they are eating sheet cakes. Not that they should cake for them!

We bought the groomsmen gifts with three 33% off coupons, and an additional coupon I got at the register. Over all, with the coupons and that additional coupon, I got 26% off.

Never buy anything without checking for a coupon or comparing with some other store.

I made the bridesmaid gifts - pearl necklaces and earrings (REAL PEARLS!). I spent $140.11 on materials, and I made a set for 5 bridesmaids, 3 sisters not in the wedding, my mom, his mom, and his soon to be sister-in-law (his brother's fiance) and me. I have enough material to make 1 more and probably a bracelet for me. That means their gifts are < $12 for a real pearl necklace and earring set. Did I mention they were real pearls?

My sister is making the flower stuff. My big bouquet, the bridesmaid bouquets, the boutineers, arrangements for the church, etc.

My mom is making the flower girl dresses. I have two flower girls, and dresses at wedding shops are > $100, and I'm not paying that!

A different sister took our engagement pictures with her digital camera and she had them developed at Walmart and gave me the CD. They look awesome! We are out in the country, so we had a lot of neat backdrops (in a barn, trees behind us, limestone bridges, etc) but if you are in town, you can use a nice park or arboretum.

Remember, postcards are much cheaper than a card and an envelope. The postcards themselves are cheaper, and the postage is definitely cheaper. We have a lot of people coming in from out of town, so I thought save the date cards would be a nice touch, so they could plan way ahead of getting the official invitation. Postcards can save you a LOT of money! I used one of the engagement pictures and went to and made them up myself. I got 300 of them for $44.84 (including shipping), or about $.15 a piece. Postage was $.26 each vs. $.41 for a card and envelope.

I bought a ream of gray paper and two 100-piece sets of vellum and printed them out. Some ribbon I found at an ebay store, and some time, and I tied them all together. I also made RSVP postcards out of the same gray paper. I had Copy Max cut them for $1 a cut. Much cheaper than buying kits.

I also made Thank You postcards using Again, $.15 a piece plus $.26 for postage.

I've looked into getting those M&M's with the words on them, but they are very underwhelming. I had a few friends have them for parties in the past, but you can't hardly read the text and most people won't notice anyway. So I won't be getting those...and they are expensive!

I'm going to make my own veil. Veils cost > $100 at David's Bridal, but tulle is like $1 a yard. I can make a lot of mistakes for $100!

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  1. Amber Says:

    Glad you found a gown, make sure to post I would love to see it. I have never heard of engagement pictures that is a great idea

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