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September 12th, 2007 at 06:31 am

I had bought what I thought was a lot of ribbon from Hancock Fabrics, dark blue, about 4 5-yard spools. I have since discovered that each 5 yard spool will only tie 15 invitations. So, I had to get more. A lot more.

I looked on ebay, and I just have to say, thank you, Jesus, for the internet. It has saved me untold amounts of money over the past few years. I was able to by 4 100-yard spools for $15.50, including shipping.

That's 400 yards!

Do you know how much that is?

It is almost all the way around a running track. 440 yards ~ 400 meters. If one person started at the starting line and ran around the first curve with the end of the ribbon tied at the start line and the other end in her hand, she would get to the second person in the relay just when the spool ran out.

400 yards = where I would die in the quarter and have no kick left for the last 40 yards.

400 yards = 1/4 of a mile. The length of road I used to run for sprints from our driveway to the black top.

I hate this one. I can hear it coming. "400 yards is the length of 4 football fields." Everyone compares length to football fields, but my school played 8-man football, so the fields were only 80 yards. So, in my case, 400 yards is the length of 5 football fields.

400 yards is a great golf shot, so long as it is in the direction you want the golf ball to go.

Apparently, it is a significant enough span of space to warrant warning of no sidewalk.

400 yards is too far away to shoot a deer, as post #8 eloquently says.

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