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Save the date and Invitations

July 5th, 2007 at 07:09 pm

Started looking at Save the Date cards. Thinking about using our engagement picture (which we still have to do) and just sending postcards.

I can get post cards made by snapfish
(which is where I store all of my photos for free, I can share them with friends, and can print them to Walgreens for immediate pickup...that is www.snapfish.com if you are interested.) There is a tiered rate:
POSTCARD 4.25x6" 5x7"
1-19 $0.99ea $1.29ea
20-49 $0.89ea $1.19ea
50-99 $0.79ea $1.09ea
100+ $0.75ea $0.99ea

Don't know yet how many I will need, as the invitation lists aren't done yet. But, need to add on $.26 for postage.

I like this text:
Save the date:

January 26, 2008
Russell, KS

~His fullname~ & ~My fullname~

Invitation to follow...

If I can get them for cheaper than that, I'd do it, but I know snapfish is reliable. They would even send them out for me if I put all the addresses in. But, they do put their logo on the back of the cards, so that is a drawback...

1 Responses to “Save the date and Invitations”

  1. cptacek Says:

    I just found http://www.amazingmail.com, and they have photo postcards for:
    Quantity 4.25x6
    1 to 9 $1.12
    10 to 24 $1.07
    25 to 49 $1.02
    50 to 99 $0.97
    100 to 249 $0.93

    has postcards for $29 for 100, plus $7 shipping. But, that site looks kinda unprofessional...

    Anyone else know of any that are cheaper, but will be professional looking?

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