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Finding the dates and calling the priests

July 4th, 2007 at 12:35 pm

Right after I was engaged (the next day), I started calling my family. I told them I would like to get married in February or March. My best friend and one of my sisters said, when they got married, they were told they couldn't get married during Lent. So, I looked it up, and Lent is early this year...Ash Wednesday is Feb 6 and Easter is March 23.

Other dates to keep in mind:
My birthday is Dec 25
His birthday is Feb 4
We need to have 6 months for marriage preparation classes.
His brother is getting married April 29
Lent is Feb 6 - March 23.

So, 6 months from now is December. I will NOT get married in December...Christmas and my birthday on the same day has soured me to putting anything else in that month. The first weekend of Feb is pretty close to his birthday, the church is booked the last weekend of March, and I don't think you should have 2 weddings in the same family in the same month (too much stress, and I don't want to steal their thunder...they were engaged first, and getting married later) and I've waited too long to get married (I'm 29, he is 32, and this is my and his first) to wait a whole year.

Ok, so I called Fr. David on 7/3 and asked him what I need to do now. I told him probably just after the first of the year, we would want to get married, and I would like him to be the officiant. Cool, he doesn't have anything going on in January other than typical priest stuff. We'll have to meet with him a few times, not more than 5, he said, and go to an engaged encounter weekend, and that is about it. I also told him I would like to get married in the new church in Russell, because there are no hotels in Wilson, and if my friends from Dallas are going to come up, it would be nice to let them get their hotels and just drive a few blocks to the church instead of 20 miles.

Then, I called Fr. Charlie, 483-2871, today to ask if I could book the church in January. He said all of January was open, but March 29 (just after Easter) was booked already. He also said that the latest the wedding could be was 2:30 if we wanted a full mass because we had to be cleared out by 4:30 for the parish confessions. I put my name down for January 26, but told him I would call back to confirm later.

I then called the VFW hall to see if they were available January 26. Someone was there, but they told me to call Fred Weigel, 483-3434, cause he was the one to book it. I got his wife, she called BACK to the VFW hall, they looked at the calendar and January 26 is open. Ok, she put my name down, and I left her my numbers so her husband could call back.

After all of that, I still need to confirm with all three (Fr. David, Fr. Charlie, and Fred) and put down a deposit with Fred. But, it looks like I have a date! January 26, 2008

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