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Engaged! Yeah!

July 4th, 2007 at 12:14 pm

Well, I was engaged June 28, 2007. This is my "memory board" so I can put in details, ideas for the wedding, record things I need to do, things that I have done, and be able to get stuff off my chest without bothering my fiance with details he really doesn't care about.

He asked me to marry him last Thursday night. I had brought some groceries to his house and was putting them away, but he had hidden the ring in a kitchen cabinet, so he hustled me to the living room so I could "relax." I was reading a magazine while he put the food away, and he came over, leaned over me, and said, "Hey, I want to ask you a question." And pulled his hand out from behind his back with the ring.

After almost hyperventilating, I said yes. We stayed up til about 3 in the morning talking and smiling at each other and laughing, and I kept asking questions I had been holding back until I knew he wanted to commit to me.

He said he did his part, and that I should do the wedding however I like, and just to tell him when and where to show up. But, he does need to decide who is going to stand up with him and the style of the tuxes. After that, I think I can handle most of the other details.

7 Responses to “Engaged! Yeah!”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Congratulations. I remember the night my husband proposed to me as we were walking down the beach. That was over 30 years ago and we are still in love!! Enjoy this happy time!!

  2. JanH Says:

    CONGRATS!!! And have fun with the planning!

  3. LuxLivingFrugalis Says:

    Woo-hooo!!! Congratulations!! I remember those exciting days...when Hubster began to talk of Capital "C" Committment - nigh on to 25 years ago!

    We'll be celebrating right along with you!

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    How wonderful! Congrats!

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